My New Road Bike: 2003 Marin Treviso

by S. Scott Zimmerman

Below are pictures of the road bike I ordered on March 26, 2003, and received on June 30, 2003. The pictures were taken right after I did a 64-mile maiden ride.

(So, what's it like to go from an entry-level but serious road bike--my Giant OCR 1--to a higher end racing road bike--my Treviso? The answer is at the bottom of the page.)

Marin Treviso specs:

Rider specs:

The 2003 Marin Treviso The proud new owner of the Treviso, right after the 64-mile maiden ride.


Close up of the drive train and carbon stays Front view of the Treviso


So, How Does the Treviso Compare to a Giant OCR 1?

My Giant OCR 1 retails for about $1000 (typical for an entry-level but serious road bike), whereas the Treviso retails for about $3500 (a "high-end" bike for amateurs and fitness riders). (I paid much less for the Treviso, but it was still expensive.) After riding the Giant for a total of 2250 miles and the Treviso a total of 64 miles (one ride), I offer the following observations and conclusions:

So yes, I love my Ferrari--er--Treviso!